A Guide To Select Best Perfumes For Women
27.05.2014 17:27

A Guide To Select Best Perfumes For Women

Before you commit to a fragrance, here is a little guide that can help you to choose the one among the best perfumes for women that suits you.

Perfume Technology


These are prepared from pure oil and natural extracts from vegetables and flower materials. Even small amount of these perfumes are very expensive. For example, Pure rose oil


Note is an odoriferous element in the cologne or fragrance. When you smell a perfume, you smell different notes present in it. When the 1st scent or top note dissolves, you smell middle note or bouquet. When the middle note fades, you will smell the basic or last note that is the 3rd compound of the composed perfumes. Don’t commit to a perfume until you smell all the three notes.

Eau De Cologne

It is 3 % to 5 % oil in a mixture of water and alcohol. It provides the refreshing and lighter features to scents.

Eau De Toilette

Eau De Toilette includes about same amount or little more amount of perfume oil, that is 4 % to 8 % that the Eau de Cologne. It is blended with alcohol rather than water.

Eau de Parfum

It includes more percentage of perfume oil, approximately 15 % to 18 % . It is more costly than Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne.


Perfume is 15 % to 30 % perfume oil combined with alcohol. It includes higher percentage of perfume oil; hence, it is more costly than Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette.

You can also get an idea about other terminology from scent spritzer to know more about scent families. For women the most popular scent families are









Find out which family you like most, since you are going to spend your most of time together.




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