Diamond plates
10.06.2014 12:25

What makes the diamond plate appear bright?

Are you searching about the features of diamond plates? If yes, then you can get more details about diamond plates by reading this piece of writing. Aluminum diamond plates contain the raised lines of diamond on one side and other side of the diamond plate is featureless.

Some of the features of aluminum diamond plates are

Rough and crude aluminum diamond plates

Resistant to corrosion


It is mostly used for floorings, workout rooms and trailers.

It is normally too hard in its thickness.

General idea about Aluminum diamond plates

Diamond plates are called as bright finish sheets, which is hard and reflective containing the raised diamond lines on one side. It is corrosive resistant and weather proof and it is easy to clean which contains anti-slip. This is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Diamond plates with 0.063” standard plate is widely used for day-to-day applications. It is easy to slice out, work with it easily and easy to structure and combine.  It is frequently used for the anti slip flooring, diamond plate tool boxes and truck runners such as athletics. Diamond plates or sheets can be easily cut prior and delivered at your door step.

If the applications need long time stability then it is good to use 0.125” diamond sheets. This type of aluminum diamond sheet is manufactured from high quality aluminum and hot dipped for a reflective finish. For the hard wearing applications, diamond plate of 0125” standard are used which is hard material and it provides durability.

Due to its low cost and high strength, these materials can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes and it also contains machinability and plasticity. It is best suited for safe and durable flooring, they are considered as the light material for construction and is used for architectural applications.


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