How One Should Determine As To When Michelin Tires Were Made?
19.05.2014 15:36

How One Should Determine As To When Michelin Tires Were Made?

When it comes to tires, Michelin Energy Saver is something most vehicle owners prefer. Like many other things in this world, even tires have their expiration date. Hence, you shouldn’t end up buying the older ones. You need to buy the freshly manufactured ones that so that it lasts longer. In this post, I will help you giving some tips and making you know how one should be determining the Michelin’s tires age.

Dryrot & other weakening can easily occur with the tire’s age. Therefore, knowing the tires’ age can assist you stay away from buying older tires, which might have a high risk of risky failure. Now, even you know that the MFD (Manufacturing Date) is easily stamped at the tire’s sidewall, pursuant to rules imposed by DOT (Department of Transportation) & tells you year as well as week of year of the tire’s manufacturing.

Tips To Note Down

The initial step on finding out the tire’s age is just by looking for a big sequence of numbers and letters, which begin with "DOT," that are stamped on tire’s side, near rim. In case, you can’t locate it, just look at the tire’s other side, because regulation only read aloud the date. There must be about 10, 11 / 12 numbers and letters following "DOT."

You will have to watch out for numbers in the series end. There will be either 3 or 4 numbers following the sequence of letters.

Next step is to analyze the initial two digits, which is none other than the week information of manufacturing. Say for instance, if numbers are 1206, then "12" denotes year’s week 12 of manufacturing. In case, the numbers are 519, then the "51" denotes week 51.

Finally, you require analyzing the left over numbers. There must be either 1 or 2 digits remaining. 2 digits denotes the year whereas 1 digit denotes year of "any" decade earlier than 2000. For instance, in the number 1206, "06" denotes year 2006.




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