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10.06.2014 11:20

As all of you known that eBookily was one among the popular eBook store. It includes numerous collections of eBook in various formats. Anybody can easily download the file with simple registration formalities. Registered user can upload the documents by completing some simple procedures. EBooks are added in the online store very often. User can save the file in their portable device, which enables them to read the file while they are in travel and free time. The eBooks are categorized based on the author name and title of the book. User can easily find the book by simply listing the author name or book name in the search box. Here we include some details about the eBooks that are read out by many numbers of users in eBookily.

The Bell Pit

The bell pit is a suspense and homicide story written by Alfred Bolt. The characters are colored strongly, which makes the readers to read out the book completely.

The Betrayal

It is an award winning story written by Chris Taylor. The story revolves around the Australian federal police and files including details about the child pornography.


It was written by Sherry Gammon. It was the bestselling book of Sherry Gammon. It is a great love tale between Booker Gatto and Tess Selleck.

Taken By Love

The story revolves around the Daisy Honey, who fled away after battling the fake rumors about her look. Luke Braden is man, who ever stood every time for Daisy. Melissa Foster wrote the story, which can be downloaded on eBookily in various formats.

Devil? Or Angel?

It was one of the bestselling book wrote by Victorica Logan. The story is about a ordinary teen age girl named Grayson.

All about Ivy

The story of a person in asylum with coma named Durham. It was written by William Buckel.

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