What Are 304 Stainless Steel Sheets?
05.05.2014 16:54

What Are 304 Stainless Steel Sheets?

The use of stainless steel sheets has massively increased and so is its demand. The reason is that they don’t rust, stain or corrode when contacted with water. It is far better than those typical steel sheets. This is the reason why they are used worldwide. Now, talking about these sheets, there are many types. Among all, the most popular one is the 304 stainless steel sheet.

Initially, stainless steel sheets were sold in US with different brands such as 'Nirosta steel' and 'Allegheny metal'. Even within metallurgy industries, the ultimate name stayed unsettled. During the year 1921, a trade journal called it as "un-stainable steel". Later in the year 1929, prior Great Depression hit, more than 25000 tons stainless steel sheets were manufactured. They were then sold in US.

There are diverse grades & surface finishes for a stainless steel sheet for suiting the environment and even alloy should endure. The stainless steel sheets are utilized where both steel properties and resistance towards corrosion is required. The stainless steel sheets differ from ordinary carbon steel with the quantity of chromium involved. The unprotected carbon sheets of steel will rust quickly when they are exposed to moisture and air. The iron oxide films present will make it to rust. In fact, it is active & accelerates the corrosion by producing more of iron oxide. Since there is a bigger iron oxide proportion, it tends flaking and falling away.

The stainless steel sheets contain adequate chromium amounts in order to passively form chromium oxide. This in turn prevents the further corrosion of a surface by blocking the oxygen diffusion into the surface of steel. It blocks the corrosion from scattering further into metal's internal arrangement.


304L / 304 stainless steel sheets are employed for manufacturing machined and stamped parts for products with corrosive as well as higher heat applications. This steel exhibits higher corrosion resistance, higher strength & temperature resistance. This can even become little magnetic while it is cold worked. Now, its little simple to machine, weld and stamp. Types 304 or 304L are most versatile & most used among other stainless steel sheet grades. Often, they are inexpensive & perform well during demanding environments.




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