Why is number 13 unlucky?
09.01.2014 10:49


                                      Find out the real facts about unlucky numbers

Why is 13 unlucky

People are considering the lucky and unlucky numbers based on some things. If you want to know about the people thoughts about the unlucky numbers then this article helps you to know about why is 13 unlucky.

Some people consider the numerology to choose the lucky numbers to be used for some important things in their life. But most of the people never think in such things and choose the number without considering any thing.

Some people think if any child born on the date 13th then they will say that day will be unlucky and get more obstacles in their life. But also some people say that Friday is 13th then it is a lucky day to do all the important things.

Numeral 13 had turn out to be the previous house in the line following the knocking down of numeral 14 in 1876. However, it was badly injured in a fire simply three years later on. The home was rebuilt, however renumbered as 12 even though it is not identified - at least not predictable anyway if this was for the reason that of the terrible luck connected with the belongings. Number 12, down Street, now house the Prime Minister Press workplace, planned Communications component and Information and study Unit.

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