Top most endangered species in the world
02.03.2014 15:29

Top 10 endangered species

Many rare creatures in the world need to be saved earlier. We should find out the list of top 10 endangered species in the world and it must be saved in a safe way. Some of the top most endangered species in the world are

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

It is one of the most endangered species in the world, which is to be saved. In the South Eastern region of United States and Cuba contains the numerous ivory-billed woodpecker.  Humans for the purpose of its feathers hunt this bird. In the year 2005, this bird was rediscovered in the locations of Eastern Arkansas, which is mostly becoming extinct.

Plains Bison

People living in the ice age are identified as the sign of strength and determination.  The weight of plains bison is of about 2000 pounds. They are able to cover  thirty miles in an hour  and using their heads they can able to clean the snow. In the history, North America contains about thirty to sixty million plains bison. Even though their population started to reduce  and this in the list of top most endangered species in the world.

Philippine Eagle

Like the tiny dodo bird, one winged bird called Philippine Eagle is in the list of top ten endangered species in the world. This is the national bird of Philippines which is also known as Monkey eating eagle. The illegal activity by the humans and the deforestation process reduces the population of this Philippine eagle to five hundred.

Little Dodo bird

The Little Dodo bird is also known as Tooth billed pigeon and Manu mea bird. Even though they are tiny in length which is of 12 inches, Little Dodo bird is called as big dodo bird. They almost survive in the Mauritius Island until they are in the list of most endangered species in the world. Due to the illegal hunting by humans and habitat loss, they are becoming extinct.


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